How to mine RAVENcoin

How to mine RAVENcoin

What is Ravencoin? To us, the RVN community, it’s a new open-source project intended to see if a use case specific blockchain designed to be focused on the transfer of assets can develop technology which provides security or functional advantages for certain projects. Specifically working on things like RSK, which will allow Solidity to work on this chain, will be huge for Ravencoin in the future. RVN was launched January 3rd 2018 with very little info regarding the future of the project. Since then, several community members have learned that there is an active development team on this coin, and the super clean wallet client and lightning fast network are only the beginning. The RVN team is launching their coin in the spirit of Bitcoin, code first. We hope to keep you updated in this thread as to work being done on RVN, as that information becomes available to us. But you don’t need to wait for us, or take our word for it.

Coin Specifications

Name: Ravencoin
Ticker: RVN
Algorithm: X16R (multi algo)
Type: POW
Max Supply: 21 Billion RVN
Block Reward: 5000 RVN
Block Time: 1 minute
Premine: No.


Windows | LinuxMAC


Website |  ExplorerDiscordGitHubTwitter

How to mine Ravencoin


NVIDIA miner | AMD miner

BAT File

ccminer.exe -a x16r -o stratum+tcp://pool:port -u wallet -R 5 -i 27

-R – time to pause between retries, in seconds (default: 30)
-i – GPU intensity 8-31 (default: auto)

Pools – official | | | |


  • Core – overclock
  • Memory – overclock


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